Boarding in Seville, OH

Check out Seville Animal Hospital’s excellent pet boarding services.

What to Expect From Our Boarding Facility:

  • Currently, we are not accepting beds/blankets as they are difficult to keep track of when they go through the laundry, and they often get damaged by bleach.
  • Each pet is housed in his/her size-appropriate cage or runs individually.
    1. Dogs may be housed together at the request of the owner and if there is availability of an appropriately sized cage or run for multiple pets.
    2. Dogs that are housed together may be separated at the discretion of our staff if any issues arise (illness, fighting, etc.). Please be aware that once pets are separated, they will each incur individual full-price boarding fees for the remainder of their stay.
  • Each pet is fed twice daily.
    1. We cannot guarantee the availability of adequate unoccupied runs/cages to separately feed multiple pets being housed together.
    2. You may bring your pet’s food from home or have them fed our chosen in-house Royal Canin Gastrointestinal low-fat dry food diet.
    3. If a pet refuses to eat while here, and at the discretion of the Doctor, we will provide canned food and/or an appetite stimulant that will be billed accordingly.
Dog boarding
Cat boarding suites
  • Dogs are walked individually in our fully enclosed gravel yard 3 times daily, Monday – Saturday.
    1. Sunday kennel staff provides care in the morning and evening.
    2. Extra 15-minute walks or playtime, aka “Strut your Mutt,” sessions are available for an additional fee.
    3. We do not offer any group play currently.
  • We are staffed during our open clinic hours only, excluding assigned kennel care schedules, and do not have any staff on site overnight.
  • All boarders must be up to date on core vaccines: Distemper, Rabies, and Bordetella (kennel cough).
    1. If these vaccines have been updated elsewhere, we must have physical documented proof from another facility before boarding.
  • An intestinal parasite screen must have been performed within the last 3 months.
    1. If a stool sample has not been evaluated within that time frame, we will test one while your pet is here and begin appropriate treatment if needed.
    2. Both testing and treatment will be billed accordingly.
  • Occurrences of diarrhea will be evaluated and treated at the Doctor’s discretion, and services/medications will be billed accordingly.
  • Please be aware that diabetic patients needing specialized care may require the services of a technician outside of normal staffing hours. Each incidence will have a skilled nursing fee associated with such service. Please see a staff member for additional information.